Why is GRIPBELL different?

GRIPBELL is revolutionary weight equipment that boosts your workout! Supporting every move you need to challenge your body effectively.

Who & Where?

GRIPBELL is for all ages including rehabilitating patients, seniors, amateurs and professionals alike. Our equipment can be used at home, in a gym, at your office, outdoors and when travelling. No Excuses!

28 Different Grip Options!

There are 14 different contact points that allows you to choose either single or double handed grips. The further the GRIPBELL is away from your hand the harder the workout becomes! Get Creative!

5 Different Weight Classes

You can choose either a single weight, a pair, or a complete set of GRIPBELLS. We currently offer 3 lb., 5 lb., 8 lb., 10 lb. and 12 lb. weights so you can increase the intensity when you are ready!

Feel the Burn, Not the Pain

GRIPBELL encourages functional use that translates well into every day activities. The variations allow you to target a full-body workout rather than isolating and increasing risk of injury to any single joint.

Don't Pay for Your Mistakes

There is no direct contact with metal or hard materials and all weight is equally distributed so if, or when, you accidentally drop your weight, GRIPBELL does not have a central, hard point that can harm you.

Social Support with #GRIPBELL

Let's encourage one another by posting our success and motivating others to do the same! #GRIPBELL would like to activate a support group of like-minded people who share their results with the rest of us!